Corrective Action Procedure

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This procedure provides guideline to extent information explained in clause 10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action of the Quality Manual.

The requirement requirement is also enable to provide conformity to clause 10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action of ISO 9001:2015 Standard Requirement.


The definitions addressed are mainly refer to IS0 9000:2015



  1. 1 Identification of non-conformity can be defined as following inputs;
  2. 2 All nonconformity received shall be validated first before further measure can be taken.


  1. Whenever nonconformity is confirmed, QMR shall verify and record the nonconformity in the form.
  2. Where required, he shall than call respective person and arrange for meeting. Input of meeting then will be used in determining root caused and measures need to be taken.
  3. The root cause of the problem shall be determined and a suitable solution to the nonconformity shall be initiated.
  4. Evaluations of the nonconformities shall indicate what corrective actions to take to eliminate the root causes of the nonconformities or potential nonconformities.
  5. The personnel responsible in providing and implementing the corrective action shall complete the with the following information :-
    • Action Proposed to prevent recurrence so as action taken to rectify the problem.
    • Date which the corrective action shall be completed.
    • Where appropriate, analysis and support data is necessary to address the potential occurrence of problem.
  6. QMR shall verify that the corrective actions are taken and are effective.
  7. Where come into situation of corrective action taken being reported other than such as PQP, CAR format from customer etc., the tracking of documented information shall be demonstrated. 
  8. If the action taken is not effective in resolving the problem, QMR shall bring it to the attention of the relevant party concerned and another corrective action plan may be initiated.
  9. If there any is unable to close within the dateline given, QMR should get feedback from the relevant parties and stating the valid reason of unclosed issue.
  10. At time, the action implemented may result in changes of affected documents; any amendment of document shall follow according to Documented Information Control Procedure.
  11. The trends in nonconformities and corrective actions shall be reviewed by top management of Company as it required by clause 9.3 Management Review of the Quality Manual