ISO 9001:2015 Standard (clause-by-clause)

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NOTE: This chapter provides an index of standard requirement for the reader to acknowledge on each of clause of ISO 9001:2015. The input of the content is just extracted from the header or sub-header of the element addressed by the standard.

The user is just only need to click on the respective clause and the requirement of the standard will appear by opening with new window.

Anyway, the full sets of requirement can be referred through this LINK.


4. context of the organization

4.1 Understanding the organization and its context

4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties

4.3 Determining the scope of the quality management system

4.4 Quality management system and its processes

5. Leadership

5.1 Leadership and Commitment

5.2 Policy

5.3 Organizational Roles, Responsibility and Authorities

6. Planning

6.1 Action to address risks and opportunities

6.2 Quality Objectives and planning to achieve them

6.3 Planning of changes

7. Support

7.1 Resources

7.2 Competence

7.3 Awareness

7.4 Communication

7.5 Documented Information

8. Operation

8.1 Operational planning and control

8.2. Requirement for products and services

8.3 Design and development of products and services

8.4 Control of externally provided processes, products and services

8.5 Production and service Provision

8.6 Release of products and services

8.7 Control of nonconforming outputs

9. Performance Evaluation

9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation

9.2 Internal Audit

9.3 Management Review

10. Improvement

10.1 General

10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action

10.3 Continual Improvement