Interactive Quality Manual

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New version of ISO 9001 has released by focusing on the effectiveness of operation with simplifying the fulfilment of requirement as now to be understood easily and more practical in application.

Therefore, it brought into the great idea for generating the QMS documentation which to be more user-friendly, simple and straight-forward. This is a new concept of documentation where the integration of all aspects required by the standard has been formatted in one platform for better accessibility.

As noted, new released standard does not published with stand alone ISO 9001:2015 requirement. They came with few sets of reference documents for complimenting the element addressed in the standard such as Annex A and ISO 9000:2015. Therefore, it demands for the user to seek a creativity on how to familiarize with the standard requirement to match against references document.

Why it called as an Interactive Quality Manual?

  1. Documentation approach provides solution of any questionable issues in the requirement.
  2.  Interactive Quality Manual adopted the same concept of e-book, where the important terms and phrases to be hyperlinked with original reference.
  3. Integration of QMS documentation between standard requirement, Quality Manual and procedures to be established in one source
  4. Reduce timing for searching and 'flipping' the documents.

Documents features

  1. It consists Quality Manual, procedures, ISO 9001 Standard Requirement, Annex A and ISO 9000 formatted in the QMS documentation
  2. It demonstrates interaction between all abovementioned documents.
  3. Master Copy should be in soft copy.
  4. Applicable for all type of industries.
  5. Sample of manual is available in this blog

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Click HERE to find the sample of the Quality Manual depicted into flow process mapping. It makes your learning process of new ISO9001 version to be more interesting and practical for its application