8.2 Requirement for products and services (8.2.3)

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8.2 Requirement for products and services

8.2.3 Review of requirements related to products and services

The organization shall ensure that it has the ability to meet the requirements for products and services to be offered to customers. The organization shall conduct a review before committing to supply products and services to a customer, to include:
The organization shall ensure that contract or order requirements differing from those previously defined are resolved.

The customer’s requirements shall be confirmed by the organization before acceptance, when the customer does not provide a documented statement of their requirements.

NOTE In some situations, such as internet sales, a formal review is impractical for each order. Instead, the review can cover relevant product information, such as catalogues or advertising material. Retain documented information

The organization shall retain documented information, as applicable:

Reference for requirement
Clause 8.5.1 (Production Control)